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if they want to get you they'll get human time from a former cia technical assistant to expose an unparalleled u.s. surveillance network comes forward and says he now faces his life it insists he's done nothing wrong. and one refuses to back down from his hardline stance towards a nationwide protests as clashes again erupt in turkey's largest cities brought police to point and water cannon. mind your manners u.k. police are warning twitter users after a flurry of arrests for abusive messages including one concerning the soldier hacked to death in london which claimed you may have deserved it.
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a look back at the events which shaped the weekend the very latest developments here with r.t. on characters to. the identity of the man behind the leak of the global mega surveillance network run by the u.s. government has been revealed edward snowden a former cia technical assistance has come forward despite fears for his life and the lives of those who are close to him. i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come after me or any of their their third party partners you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations or you know they could pay off the triads for you know any any if their agents or assets we've we've got a cia station just up the road in the consulate here in hong kong and i'm sure that they're going to be very busy for the next week. and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be
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completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time. well details of the seven year old prison system us there emerging sparking outrage both in the us and the bruins potentially hundreds of millions of people will die maybe having that information to set by washington phone records online browsing history and even credit card transactions on reportedly being tracked using data obtained from internet companies but president obama has defended the program saying some privacy can be sacrificed in return for security before m i five officer was an emotional and says those in the security services seem justice daily and that's what some of them to act. this happens time and time again and as the the powers of state and the power of the corporate corporate estate become greater and people
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come more concerned about civil liberties not just within their own countries but also the implications around the world people are worried about this the implications so i think that more young people within the intelligence agencies are going to think well actually we doing this for good reasons or bad reasons and they will speak out well often people who do blow the whistle do try and deal with it in-house i mean certainly we did it and you go to your boss or you say this is wrong you say that you know perhaps we should learn from mistakes made or whatever it is and they tell you just to shut up not rock the boat and follow orders now particularly we're looking to situation where intelligence agencies are being asked to spy on their fellow citizens or to draw up cia drone kill lists across the middle east or to kidnap and torture people terrorist suspects and we have a situation now where young people are going to be coming into this room thinking all is this right should we be doing this to our fellow human beings and if it's not right what can you do raise the boxes that goes nowhere you're told to shut up . the only other way and in this internet age i think is to go public and get the
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maximum exposure. on our websites we ask what you think is in store for edward snowden has our your answers lining up so far today. here again our plight charge that twenty percent a fifth of you think snowden will follow chilliness are just example and seek refuge in a friendly embassy thirteen percent today say he'll share bradley manning's fate we placed under arrest or twenty seven percent of you today believe he'll be killed by secret services to stop any further leaks forty percent reckon the snowden case is from precedent it was impossible to make any predictions let us know your views on our web site r.t. dot com. well across the atlantic leaked details of the u.s. surveillance network has caused shock the e.u. officials now demanding answers from washington and britain has also been implicated with sources saying its intelligence services had direct access to the prism program civil rights activist. says the global consequences are immense
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legal makeup clearly a very very massive database of millions of citizens of almost all of their activities what they're doing and there's quite a bit you can construct from knowing every single place you go every day who you talk to and how you talk to them i can tell you quite a bit about and this is being collected on millions and millions of citizens completely indiscriminately which means there's a giant database of american citizens activities on a daily basis that the government has or it's controlled and it's keeping under secret lock and key and we're no idea how they can use it legally using many article where there's a wide range of people around the world who could be affected by this i mean imagine something as simple as so your college and roommate was from russia and you stay in contact and you continually talk to each other that you should be ready to go on record decide. create some sort of pattern about you given what happened in the boston bombing and then they can use that as a pretext to search your entire house and so i think certainly that not only national or international concerns. i mean while the trial of another major
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whistleblower started in earnest this week in the us weekly source bradley manning was accused by the prosecution of knowing the aiding the enemy among the fancy leaks was this video of an apache helicopter gunning down journalists and civilians in iraq is closer also revealed a much higher civilian death toll in iraq and afghanistan campaigns than was previously admitted by washington running insists he was motivated by the need to show the public the truth over alleged war crimes reported has more now on the government's preference for secrecy over transparency. the military court martial against private first class bradley manning begins at a complicated time for the obama administration u.s. journalists have been spied on an unprecedented number of whistleblowers have been imprisoned and access to the truth many say grows increasingly harder by the day we have a severe problem with transparency and secrecy in this country that's for sure our
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problem is a cult of secrecy extreme levels of dystopian secrecy washington classified ninety two million documents in the year two thousand and eleven that's the last count we have to put things in perspective what bradley manning leaked is less than one percent of that manning pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges he faces the twenty five year old said he wanted the public to know how the u.s. military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan had little regard for human life it should be clear to anybody paying attention to bradley manning. thought of himself at the times in whistleblower that he did what he did because he thought he was making the world a better place he's in no way in time american and has never expressed and he american sentiment soon anyway in fact he's always said that he is and was driven by a sort of sense of patriotism and prosecutors however are pursuing a court martial on the remaining charges including the espionage act and aiding the
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enemy which carries a life sentence in prison in an interview with democracy now julian a songe addressed washington's allegations that manning aided the enemy by going to wiki leaks if that president is allowed to direct it it will be interesting for a story. it means it's a potential death penalty for any person who really treats british journalist about a sensitive matter but secondly it also. the journalist and the publication shereen of communication they would sell it to the enemy and therefore making him susceptible as well to be espionage act which also has capital offenses and that is that is the. us but latter part is part of the us attack. including myself broadly we hope this letter finds you healthy and strong daniel ellsberg known as the original whistleblower leaked seven thousand
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government documents to the press in one thousand nine hundred seventy one revealing the truth about the vietnam war more than four decades later he says the us government is going to even greater lengths to keep the public in the dark call of the war on truth telling truth telling specifically. truth that the government doesn't want. truth about government crimes or that the public needs to know. if military prosecutors successfully prove that whistleblowing is aiding the enemy then bradley manning could spend the rest of his life in prison a verdict handed down under a president who promised to usher in an era of transparency when he stepped into the white house reporting from new york. martin well then griffin a former trooper with britain's elites a specialist service says manning decided to take action on illegal anymore the
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activities in iraq and afghanistan. manning had access to a huge amount of information and did and do thousands of other employees of the united states government he saw that information within the information actions and activity that were illegal and immoral and he thought he should do something about that he was the only one to take action on that he thought that if other people could see what was really going on in iraq in afghanistan and in the relationships between u.s. government and other governments around the world that something would happen you know i grew up thinking that britain was a great country and there are armed forces you know the good guys that's what i was brought up believing and my experience in iraq you know so pace that bubble i realized you know things are a lot more complex than that what we're involved in in iraq the actions were involved in were in effect illegal and i decided as a matter of conscience i can continue to do that and you know manning is in the same vein as myself this is a guy who's joined the military to do the right thing and then realized actually
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the actions that military are immoral irrational and illegal and he's decided to do something about it. and drones strike again the killing seven more people just days after newly sworn in pakistani prime minister called for a holes today as washington remains silent about who the intended targets were in the program we look at the plight of civilians who fall victim to america's war on terror. and are turned to violent protests is underway in ankara and istanbul with riot police clashing with protesters but he can see a group of officers who appeared to be beating an activist and tear gas and water cannons are also being used but demonstrators appear to be undeterred classes in the capital have been ongoing throughout the night when a record number of protesters was reported on saturday night even more expected now parties are in english group ports from turkey. well again the protesters have come under fire from police and on karada says the second day in
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a row that such such an event has happened in fact all cries one of those is that one of the turkish cities which has been under a lot of pressure when it comes to police reacting to the protests in fact it has been gassed or somehow the water cannons have been used some protesters almost every single day off the protests which have been going for more than a week at this point almost two weeks in istanbul the worrying trend here is that the prime minister don't want continues to talk about his supporters who are also getting ready to go to the streets according to or don't want to use their patience is running thin and those who are siding with the prime minister are ready to take to the streets and express their points of view is that of course happens that all of allister experts are predicting. extreme civil unrest in the country and all of all of them of course are hoping that that will not be the case as it stands at this point people in istanbul show absolutely no determination to go anywhere they
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have been camping out here and taxi man and in gezi park for more than a week at this point their main demand is also to see the prime minister leave his post but the prime minister obviously has made it clear that he is not going anywhere exactly how things have been developing for world for more than a week of protests in turkey particularly in istanbul and of all the main points of the protest here is the report that we have filed earlier. i feel that i was hit so i put my hand up and took it away there was blood gushing down my hands everywhere i saw my friends in boston to get me out of that so he put me in a taxi i don't remember what happened next because i passed out i woke up in hospital where i stayed for the next day. photojournalist doesn't she quiz there when the peaceful protests spiraled into knoll out standoff between the police and protesters in taksim square more than forty seven hundred. people are said to have been injured during clashes with police over the past week with amnesty
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international calling for an investigation into how the turkish police handled the protest rallies spread to squares and parks all over the country by then the message was no longer just about the trains. i will go on to have they change their plans about the park and give us our freedoms. ergo i think that they are. but the prime minister knew exactly who he wanted to blame for the ever growing protest movement. there is a problem called twitter right now and you can find every kind of lived there the thing that is called social media is the biggest trouble for society right now according to the thousands and give the park are looters and alcoholics being spurred on by foreign spies who infiltrated crowds of demonstrators to spread dissent among the turks reportedly fifteen foreigners were arrested for their alleged role in the protests. i know what he's thinking when he says what he does
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he wants to show that he's still got power to those who support him but he doesn't know what to do with the protesters large as they were for the first couple of days the demonstrations went ignored by the turkish media. from c.n.n. international. you get the paulista people and then you take c.n.n. turk there was a commentary. it's. actually the pressure of the prime minister that is reflected on the media and we think it's unfair other channels international journalists sharing this information and we have to find out about it on the internet and also it's unfair to the people at this point the protests are so huge they're impossible to ignore and pretty much just like the barricades that people continue to build a lot over the city to keep the police out and gets everyone insists that the destruction of the park will continue to go on as planned and that leads one to wonder what exactly is in the future for the turkish prime minister with his team
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in this regard to the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people in istanbul and in an r t. the e.u. has been among those demanding a for a probe into the use of excessive force to crush the demonstrations but the prime minister rebuked brussels saying similar protests would be met with far greater brutality in any country videos and images have emerged on the internet through the week showing rock this firing tear gas using pepper spray and beating campaigners. it's also been reported that over the past twelve years turkey has increased its tear gas stock fifty fold with most american made supplies bringing the total arsenal to six hundred twenty eight tons or something that cost turkish taxpayers around twenty one million dollars r.t. spoke to one man he says he felt the full force of the heavy handed policing as a protester i am one of the more that has been exposed as i did cheer gas and water
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cannons it were used. and of course crying and sneezing and since i had asked him not during the event i had multiple severe ask him x.x. and i can say that in maine provoker police and government they want to create fear and i'm sorry ordination they cannot scare us we are the people we are nation we are turkish we are turkish they cannot change that they know that and this is i can say that i mean i love to explain that this is a peaceful event we do not do any harm to anyone or anything but however provokers such as government the police officer calls us and shows us that we heard every word without any reason that's we cannot accept that. plan our website we have more on how the anger against the government has been spreading across turkey and r.t. dot com you also find images and photos from our film crew in istanbul which is
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closely following the unrest you can browse there footage in the vision section. the newly sworn in pakistani prime minister has summoned the u.s. envoy after a drone strike killed seven in north west of the country it came just days after an hour sorry for its again called on washington to hold the strikes respect the country's sovereignty and while the u.s. president continues to defend the deadly program the claim it actually saves lives and it takes for the latest attack on the adds to a worrying tani of america's drone war in pakistan almost nine hundred civilians have died in the attacks which supposedly only target terrorists or those almost two hundred reportedly children with number of strikes has risen saw featuring barack obama's presidency six times more than under his predecessor we see caffein
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off the impact on those who are getting caught in the line of fire. the locals call it death in the skies in pakistan's northwest tribal region an american drone as seen from the ground it's become the weapon of choice in the u.s. war on terror and this is the damage it can wreak under president obama more than three hundred such strikes in pakistani soil against alleged al qaeda and taliban suspects. but ordinary civilians also pay a price this man is one of them i mean i was on his way to work at a mine near his village when a drone struck the area he lost his leg in the attack three other miners who were with them lost their lives we live in constant fear of another strike we are simple villagers who are stuck in a war that we didn't ask for it's a hopeless feeling death is above our heads all the time. although the attack took place three years ago i mean new laws says the pain is still severe the sight of
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his injuries upsets his four children meanwhile depression anxiety and lingering fear have pushed him to take up tranquilizer pills. in that the americans should be able to tell an ordinary person from a taliban leader when they should know who they're killing what did we do to deserve this. this isn't my. drone arctic it's a question echoed by nec buff dar who lost part of his hearing his short term memory and nearly his foot when. the drone shockwave was so intense that it threw us outside far from the place where we were sleeping after several minutes there was another strike and it killed many more people in many ways the epicenter of the cia's highly classified drone program is a black hole on the map a region of pakistan off limits to outsiders especially westerners no evidence of the drone strikes is almost impossible to get but these four smuggled to islam about from the tribal areas there are believed to be fragments of actual hellfire
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missiles retrieved from a war zone most americans never get to see fragments collected by nor behind a local journalist who spent years documenting the civilian toll of drones especially on children disturbing images of the living and the dead for nor it's personal. whenever my three year old daughter hears a plane she runs inside and won't sleep that night the children here have been traumatized by the drones the sound of a door banging shot is enough to terrify them. and that fear can turn to anger a new generation radicalized by the war carrying out a drone strikes killing innocent people who are not part of the conflict you just why did the conflict you're giving the reason to people who were not part of the conflict to become part of the complete. of course this is make me hate the americans we are angry and want revenge. they've destroyed our lives my parents my
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wife my children we all see america as our worst enemy now while promising to rein in their use the white house says drones are both legal and effective this film. that's upon. us. personally. and it's something that's. when translated by defense that's cold comfort for the victims lucy caffein of r.t. pakistan. the head of libya's a military has reportedly resigned after thirty one people died in clashes between protesters and militia in benghazi because the man of the government sanctioned armed groups mediately disbanded two years after the fall of moammar gadhafi militia still dominate parts of libya but increasingly try to shape the country's politics africa affairs expert johnson says people have every reason to be afraid of the gunmen who are the one to themselves the militias
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seem to be controlling the ground they are dictating the pace of reforms on and of course they look like excessive pressure on the government to caylee who have relied on the militia some of them at least to provoke their ranks and actually to shore up their positions so up this just shows that the militias are not trusted by the people the people who want to claim back their land they want to claim back their own democracy they feel and they don't trust them they concerned about their numbers they last year they tried to demonstrate and revolt against all of them to move over until they could be teased out of these militias clear you're going nowhere. well the world news for you this hour is protesters in spain have rallied against continued cuts to social welfare and ongoing home movie actions demonstrate this fall through central madrid waving placards and chanting slogans against the impunity of major financial thinkers and institutions seeing some spending elsewhere in the i.m.f. to save its banking system. a large scale
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militant attack is reportedly underway at kabul international airport in afghanistan began with a series of explosions including mass suicide bombers according to the police chief nato has a large military base at the airport and there's already speculation that when the militants target anymore and that is we get. after martha negotiations north and south korea to hold two days of our level talks later this week in seoul a new south korean president says she wants to reestablish trust with pyongyang often months of growing tension on the north says it's looking to kick start a joint commercial links along the border which were closed off the country was hit with more u.n. sanctions. and at least people have been killed and dozens wounded in women's capital some shia protesters clashed with security forces marking the release of political prisoners almost ten years now the country has been right so tarion
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violence with i'm sure more too in the room in some ways. i think twice before we treat see advice from police and media experts in the wake of a number of arrests in the u.k. posting offensive messages on twitter a london correspondent sara firth reports on how british police are playing catch up when it comes to laying down the door and how to counter abusive online comments . we trust our officers with a baton we trust some of the c.i. sprit and yet for some reason we can't cross on the twitter account in the wake of the recent will it murder a number of arrests were made across the country after police responded to tweets it was the latest clear sign that police are in placing seychelle media in a way they never have before twitter might be new police territory but their actions tread a fine line already some unfamiliar with the legal ramifications of their tweets felt the full force of the law was one notable example came after
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a tweet to footballer james mcclean joining in online anger at the football its decision not to wear a remembrance day poppy katie aiden lucky tweeted he deserves to be shot dead alongside a picture of bullets two weeks later and he was arrested by manchester police do you feel like you crossed the line looking back on their. time i think i thought i was a consequences they katie's cases since being dropped it's easy to see the cyber threats can cause real fear and often is deserving of punishment but other cases have ranged from the confusing to the downright ludicrous and figures obtained by r.t. show a steadily rising number of prosecutions in person under the communications act two
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thousand and three including phone calls emails and social media posts within the police service of the other public sectors but really is more about leadership than technology you know the technology needs to change absolutely fundamentally one needs to change is the attitude that leaders have towards social media many see as a huge risk what they feel to recognise is the fantastic opportunities are to really display the great skills great problem solving skill. on a great level of service new guidelines set to be made final by the criminal prosecution service in the coming weeks but with the explosion of seychelle media leaving british little fighting to catch up many in the legal profession a warning that social media uses now need to tread very carefully i mean it is very deeply concerning i think legal perspective and i guess it would be interesting to see your advice to people that actually even though it's ok to say somebody say
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things when it comes to social media that it is that you bad thing they say well i'm afraid twitter simply isn't my thing for. me the response book and your activities. but that's never been before so. the advice to be extremely careful for. sarah say london. next son avoid her ruffles the feathers of the biggest political power plays on the planet well as a party is just a couple minutes away. big of pill popping to what degree is big pharma hijacking captured the western medical establishment what is the real aim of the pharmaceutical industry to make people healthy or to generate healthy profits for themselves and is there anything we can
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do to break this unhealthy addiction. wealthy british style. free. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on. the news secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.


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